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Electric Elephant has endured much throughout the years. They now make slots.

About the Company

Electric Elephant Games started making games in 2014, and at first, they only made poker games. Where the founders, Paul Conroy and Ali Masterman, worked together, and because of what they knew from playing poker, it turned out to be a huge success. They started working together with Pokerstars, and the two of them made Casino Rush, where you could play like you were in a real casino. Since you could play casino games, slot machines, and, of course, poker, which was their main specialty at the time, they were a good choice. The great thing about this place was that, among other things, you could play games for free and then win real money. The ability to play smoothly on mobile devices became a big deal, and it wasn’t long before people found out that Electric Elephant was great at mobile gaming.


Despite their poker expertise, the two began to focus on slots. Sri Lankan developers were employed. The company’s headquarters are in Soho, England, although majority of the development staff is in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. The two offices are far away, yet the company is close. Where they’ve created fun slots using their passion, creativity, and expertise. They benefit from having an Asian office since they can research Asian trends and apply them in Europe. They created Volsunga, Dragon Strike, Fruits Go Wild, Space Spins, and Super Boost slots.

where they have partnered with prominent game companies like Leander Games and Relax Gaming to use their platforms and release only high-quality games. Game design, user experience, and soundtrack are carefully considered. All of this created a terrific playing environment.


Electric Elephant Games has endured much throughout the years. They now make slots. Their team appears scattered around the map, yet they work together to create fantastic slots.

They’ve made two professional slots in a short time. Given their success in poker and their creativity, it will be intriguing to see how they fare in slots.