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Edgeless on Casinoboffin

Edgeless.io is the online casino of the next generation.

Ethereum-powered Edgeless Casino. It’s a crypto-only online casino. Long-standing online casinos report excellent return to player percentages. The casino is sleek and easy to navigate. The first licensed blockchain casino is Edgeless. They follow the latest laws.

The Edgeless Platform uses EDG, one of the top blockchain casino tokens. Edgeless features six or more simple, broad-appeal games. Tokens abound. You can’t add or remove EDG tokens. EDG tokens can stake (funding the bankroll for Edgeless casino games). Edgeless accepts EDG tokens as payment. Casino games with EDG tokens exceed six. Edgeless is the only company with blockchain-visible jackpots. The Edgeless Project is a new cryptocurrency gaming experiment that uses the EDG token.

Countries and regions with restrictions:

For now, their casino is open to people from any country or region. A very important thing to remember is that you can’t use a VPN.


If you have any kind of problem, you can get help through live chat. You can also email support at support@edgeless.io if you don’t want to use the live chat feature.

Providers of software:

The blockchain is something that Edgeless Casino is working on. There are 14 games that can only be played at Crypto Casino right now. You should check out the games because they are easy to play, fun, quick, and, most importantly, very profitable.


Like the casino itself, the bonuses in their casino are new and cutting-edge. In addition to the welcome bonus that you can get at most online casinos, you can also get other bonuses. Some of the bonuses they offer are “Refer a Friend” and “Open a Chest.” You can find more information about the bonuses at the end of this review or on our page about casino bonuses.

Safety and confidentiality:

When we are online, safety and privacy are two of the most important things. This is well known, especially for software for the next generation. The Edgeless casino is always updating its system and using the most up-to-date software so that all of its players can feel safe and secure.