A Cambodian gambling resort fire killed one and injured many.

A Cambodian gambling resort fire killed one and injured many.

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A Cambodian gambling resort fire killed one and injured many.

Local police say that at least 11 people died and 30 were hurt when a huge fire broke out in a casino in the Cambodian city of Poipet, which is close to the border with Thailand. The fire has been put out, but authorities are still looking for people who were hurt.

Cambodian casino fire

At the Grand Diamond City Casino and Hotel in Poipet, Cambodia, firefighters are fighting a fire. The fire has been put out, but it has killed or hurt a lot of people. (Image: Peerapan Srisakorn via CNN)
Witnesses posted videos to social media showing a group of people who were stuck on the roof of the Grand Diamond City Casino & Hotel. Some of them finally jumped to get away from the fire, but they didn’t make it through the fall.

The fire is said to have started in the complex on Wednesday around 11:30 PM local time. Even though it is under control, the Cambodian media reported that police said there are still small areas that could start fighting. This makes it harder to get into the building and save more people.

Not in charge

At the time, there was a lot going on at the property. This was because it was a busy time of year and day. Police are still trying to figure out how many people were in the cambodian casino and hotel when the fire started, but they think there were hundreds of people there.

The property also has about 400 people working for it. One news source said that about 50 Thai employees and guests were initially stuck, but it didn’t say anything about how they are doing now.

The fire quickly spread through the building, making it hard to get out. Groups of people who had climbed to the roof had to be taken away by helicopters.

At least 360 rescue workers came from both Cambodia and Thailand, with the Thai workers coming because the property was close to the border. Some of the hurt people were also taken to hospitals in Thailand to get care.

Once it is safe to enter the building, people from the government and the fire department will try to figure out what happened. In the meantime, they will talk to people who saw what happened to find out as much as they can.

The Aranyaprathet Rescue Foundation’s Peercapan Srisakorn has a theory about where the fire started, but not why. CNN says that when he got there to help, he said that he thinks the fire may have started in a restaurant on one of the lower floors.

When it started to spread and chaos broke out, a lot of scared guests ran up to the roof. Peercapan thinks that they thought a rescue crane might be there by then, but it wasn’t.

Thai gamblers like to go to Poipet and their Cambodian casino.

Poipet is a stop on the way from Thailand to Cambodia. Thailand still doesn’t have any land-based casinos, so the ones on the Cambodian side are always full of Thai gamblers.

The holidays bring even more people to the casinos, so this is a busy time of year for them. In the next few days, there will be more information and exact numbers about traffic in the city.

Grand Exclusive, which is a Cambodian casino, is said to own and run Grand Diamond. The company’s website page isn’t working, but on its LinkedIn page, it says that the property opened in 2001 and has 355 rooms and suites, six restaurants, a casino, and other amenities.

The Poipet Resort & Casino, which opened a year before Grand Diamond, is also owned and run by the same company. This hotel has 190 rooms and suites, a slightly smaller casino, four restaurants, and other amenities.

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